Metallic yarn - Lurex

Our Metallic yarns meet the highest requirements regarding the variety of colors, thread counts – and of course quality. At Green Polytex, we fully understand embroidery and decorative needs in the industry, which is why we offer a magnificent mix of colors and counts.

Weoffer various thread counts and types in metallic. From the finest metallic yarn to heavy and from smooth to textured yarn we facilitatetrade of variety of shades in three different ranges to cater to your embroidery, weaving and knitting requirements & needs.

• MX- Type

Any polyester single metallized monofilament is supported with two ends of 15d, 20d or 40d polyamide nylon/ polyester monofilament. MX Type supported yarn is highly popular among manufacturers of sweaters, knitwear’s, tricots, pre-dyed textiles (weaving), stockings, industrial subsidiary materials and accessories. This item is applicable to yarn-dyed weaving and knitting. It is also recommended for the production of tights, nylon/ polyester stockings, panty hose, fine gauge jersey fabrics, lingerie, bathing suit fabrics and soft body contact products. The quality is super soft. The put up is on cones of 250 grams net (baby cones) and / or 500 grams net weight yarn as per request.

Sizes: 1/69, 12 mic or 1/100, 24 mic

Nylon or polyester yarn (20D X 2 ends)

• M- Type

We offer M Type metallic yarns using finest quality slit metalized polyester film. Our range is extensively used in weaving, knitting, laces, decoration products, fashion accessories and many more as per client’s requirement

Sizes: 1/69, 1/85, 1/100

Thickness: 12 microns and 24 microns

Available in various colors